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When you speak you want to be hear, but even if the audience is listening , are they hearing the right message - the message you want them to hear? 


In this book Diana Mather shows you how to make sure your message is received and absorbed in exactly the way you want it to be. 


This book covers every type of public speakoing, from small presentations in the office to huge conference presetations, and from wedding day speeches to online seminars. Whether you are giving a graduation speech or proposing a toast at a birthday party, the principles are the same. 


- Chapters include how to write and prepare your speech, how to tailor it for your audience, how to use your boice and how to make sure you are heard and understood. 


- Includes advice on what to wear, using visual aids, coping with last minute nerves, radiating confidence, how to move and stand, and how to use body language. 


- With practical tips and techniques for building self esteem, excercising your voice, and controlling your breath, this book will take you through every stage of public speaking from concept to triumphant finish. 

SPEAK - Diana Mather

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