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What can you get for £7.50? Two cappuccinos, a tube of sun cream or a 2 module course that could change your life? The reason I am offering 'Get that Job’ at such an insanely low price is because I passionately WANT you to get your dream job! 

We have all suffered during the pandemic, you may be an experienced interviewee, you may not have had an interview for years or you may be going for your first job, whatever, my aim is to help you succeed and get that job in this new highly competitive world.



Knowing how to do a good interview is vital if you want to get that job. This short course is for people of all ages and stages and will cover how to:


  • Conduct an unforgettable interview

  • Prepare thoroughly 

  • Create a truly positive first impression

  • Connect with any interviewer 

  • Use your voice and body for impact and effect 

  • Listen accurately

  • Answer questions 

  • Get your points across without rambling 

  • Conquer your nerves

  • Get that job!  


Get That Job!

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