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My Exciting Adventure to Le Mans

Welcome to my diary entry recounting my thrilling annual trip to the renowned Le Mans for the highly anticipated 24 Hour race. Join me as I share the highlights of my journey, from the scenic drive to Portsmouth to the delightful dining experience at Zizi and the comfortable crossing with Brittany Ferries. Additionally, I'll touch upon the contrasting state of French and British roads, offering my observations and thoughts along the way.

A Delicious Gluten-Free Treat at Zizi

Before embarking on the Brittany Ferries vessel, my companions and I decided to treat ourselves to a mouthwatering meal at Zizi, nestled on the picturesque Gunwarf Quays in Portsmouth. Being a gluten-free food enthusiast, I was thrilled to discover a delightful gluten-free pizza on the menu. The staff at Zizi were incredibly warm and friendly, ensuring that our dining experience was truly enjoyable. The service provided was nothing short of excellent.

Comfortable Crossing with Brittany Ferries

After satisfying our appetites, we made our way to board the Brittany Ferries vessel—an exciting part of our Le Mans adventure. Interestingly, this ferry company had previously sponsored my husband Ian during his racing days at Le Mans, adding a nostalgic touch to our journey. The crossing itself was incredibly smooth, allowing us to unwind and relish in the comfortable voyage. The cabins aboard the ferry were not only clean and functional but also boasted an impressive shower, providing a refreshing and pleasant experience.

The Early Morning Wake-Up Call

As is typical with overnight ferry journeys, one minor inconvenience was the early morning wake-up call at 5 am. The purpose of this early wake-up call was to allow the staff to clean the cabins before disembarkation. Despite the slight disruption to our sleep, it did serve its purpose, ensuring a fresh start to the day as we prepared to drive to Le Mans.

Contrasting Roads: French vs. British

One notable observation during our trip was the stark contrast between the French and British roads. Driving through France, we couldn't help but admire the well-maintained and efficient road network. In contrast, it was disheartening to acknowledge the current state of some British roa

ds, which seemed to lag behind their French counterparts. The stark difference was evident, prompting thoughts about the importance of investing in infrastructure to improve our own roadways.

My annual trip to Le Mans for the thrilling 24 Hour race was truly an adventure to remember. From the delectable gluten-free pizza at Zizi to the comfortable crossing with Brittany Ferries, each experience added its own charm to the journey. As we made our way to Le Mans, the stark difference between French and British roads couldn't escape my attention, highlighting the need for improvement in the infrastructure back home. Until next year's Le Mans adventure, this diary entry will serve as a delightful reminder of the exciting memories created during this extraordinary trip.


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