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A Memorable Menorca Getaway: Socialising, Cricket, and Flying Etiquette

In the past month, I had the incredible fortune of enjoying a delightful holiday in Menorca. While the weather didn't quite live up to expectations, the company of dear friends and a plethora of social activities made up for it. Amidst the mingling and occasional downpours, I even had the opportunity to give an interview on GB News, discussing whether parents should leave money to their children. But let's not forget the lovely moments spent watching cricket at the Menorcan Cricket Club, despite the intermittent rain showers. In this blog post, I'll also touch upon the flying etiquette I observed on my journey back home. So, let's dive in!

Although the weather wasn't ideal during my time in Menorca, the true essence of the trip was the cherished moments spent with friends. Despite the occasional drizzles, the socializing more than made up for any disappointment caused by the weather.

I was also fortunate enough to have an interview on GB News, where I expressed my stance on parents leaving money for their children - a resounding "Yes, if they can!"

A visit to the Menorcan Cricket Club, nestled amidst the rain showers, provided a delightful respite. The love for the sport transcended the weather, and witnessing the game in such unique circumstances was a treat for cricket enthusiasts like myself. Although the downpours interrupted the match, it reminded us that the island desperately needed the rain for its nourishment.

As I embarked on my journey home, Mahon Airport greeted me with its small yet well-equipped premises. The airport boasted a variety of duty-free offers, inviting bars, and a comfortable lounge area adorned with plush green seats and vibrant plants. However, the boarding process on EasyJet was slightly delayed, leading to a cumbersome boarding experience. It puzzled me why they didn't opt for a more efficient row-by-row boarding system.

Drawing upon my expertise in teaching Travel Etiquette, I'd like to share a helpful tip for travelers with companions, especially those who cannot wear headphones or earbuds. If you find yourself in this situation, consider informing passengers in the nearest rows about the potential sound from the device and kindly explain the reason behind it. This considerate gesture allows others to understand the circumstances, minimizing any frustration they may feel due to extraneous noise.

While bidding farewell to Menorca, I reflect upon the memorable experiences, meaningful interactions with friends, and intriguing interview opportunities. The island's temperamental weather served as a reminder of its need for rain. As I conclude this post, I promise to return with more captivating tales soon. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I appreciate your time and readership!


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